Entrepreneurs Are Never Satisfied: That’s a Good Thing

There is a level of satisfaction for entrepreneurs that appears to be continuously aimed for, yet rarely fully achieved.

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Entrepreneurs Are Never Satisfied: That’s a Good Thing

“I can’t get no satisfaction.”

The Rolling Stones weren’t lying when they claimed a severe lack of satisfaction whilst concurrently at the top of their musical game. If even the biggest band in the world at the time couldn’t get their itch scratched, then what does that say for us in the business world?

Ask any entrepreneur and they’ll probably tell you the same thing:

“I’m never satisfied, I always want more.”

“Whenever I get what I want, I then want something new.”

“It can ALWAYS be made better.”

Not just in business, but also in relationships. Not just in sales numbers, but also in living conditions. Not just in efforts from the team, but also in life experiences.

There is a level of satisfaction for entrepreneurs that appears to be continuously aimed for, yet rarely fully achieved.

And the truth is – that as much as most of us have realised this faulty thinking strategy, many of us wouldn’t have it any other way.

The reason this mantra works is because it is such a motivational driving force behind achieving results and outcomes that others watching from the sidelines sit back and marvel at.

I originally fought the idea of being constantly uncomfortable – I thought there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I just be content with what I had? When will things be exactly where I want them? When will enough be enough?

All of these questions have been rendered redundant since realising I am actually far more comfortable being uncomfortable. Once I accepted the fact that I’ll actually always be wanting more in some form or another it all become a whole lot easier.

It ensures exploration.

It demands constant growth.

It produces next-level results, continuously.

All entrepreneurs and salespeople with similar thinking styles are nodding their heads in significant agreement right now, while all others are probably wondering how on earth someone could live like this.

Now don’t get me wrong, of course there are times when it would be easier to switch off. Of course there are moments where the uncertainty of entrepreneurship appears to be too much to handle. Of course contentment is more resourceful than being scared to your wits-end at times.

At times.

At a very finite amount of times.

But overall, nothing is more of an entrepreneurial driving force than continuously wanting to take a project, idea, or adventure to the next level.

A lack of contentment doesn’t mean a lack of gratitude.

An intense desire to be bigger than yesterday doesn’t mean we have the memory of a goldfish.

The need to create a better tomorrow doesn’t mean we aren’t making the most of the moment right now.

We still have the capability of appreciating all the good stuff; we just continue to take that appreciation to the next level as well. We still have personal and professional standards; we just continue to upgrade them.

It’s a rollercoaster of a way to live life – as an entrepreneur who will never know when enough is enough.

There might be better ways to do it – this whole ‘life’ thing – but until it’s discovered, we’ll keep the professional satisfaction levels to a minimum and keep the improvements coming.

‘Tis how we roll.