Meet one of Football’s Brightest Young Stars: Maxine DiBlasi

Celebrating women in sport.

Meet one of Football’s Brightest Young Stars: Maxine DiBlasi

Sport has become an integral part of society and culture on an everyday level. In fact, sport and play are recognised as a human right by the United Nations. One of the most valuable elements of sport is the ability it has to empower the player. This empowerment is particularly important for women and girls in sport.

For young women, sport offers a space to build courage and self-esteem and develop teamwork and leadership skills. Participating in sport can help strengthen a player’s sense of self-worth. It can teach and encourage young women to be resilient, take initiative, build supportive relationships, speak up and believe in themselves and their abilities.

This rings true for promising young football (soccer) star Maxine DiBlasi. Maxine began playing soccer at Sunbury United in a division made up of mostly boys. Since then she has continued to move up in the ranks and has now secured a place in the Women’s National Premier League (WNPL) where she plays for Heidelberg United FC u19s. Maxine is also a part of the Melbourne City College of Football Program which provides elite training opportunities for talented football players with progression to the A-League pathway. The hardworking and charismatic young woman uses the elements of discipline, humility and ownership to drive her growth in football and in life.

With a true passion for the game, a never-give-up attitude and a strong support network consisting of her family, friends, mentors, club and program, Maxine is ready to take on the football world in a big way. With such potential at a young age, Maxine’s football career is certainly one to follow. Stay tuned as this young woman continues to kick goals both on and off the field.

Women in sport have always played an important role in challenging social norms and stereotypes and standing for equality and diversity. With gender discrimination still prevalent in the sporting world, it is important to celebrate and support female athletes and to continue to advocate for more opportunities for women in sport.