Fempower Yourself For White Ribbon Night

A few unique ideas for making your White Ribbon Night a great girls’ night in.

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White Night Ribbon

White Ribbon is an Australian organisation that works tirelessly to raise awareness about the prevalence of violence against women. In Australia alone, domestic abuse is the primary cause of homelessness in both women and children, and a staggering 1-in-5 women have experienced physical or sexual violence, perpetuated by someone known to them. White Ribbon is fem-powering our community to stand up, speak out and act, in order to stop all forms of violence against women. So how can you get involved? White Ribbon Night is a great, fun way to support the national campaign for domestic violence prevention. By simply hosting a game night, movie night or any kind of girl-powered event, you can help play a part in ending violence against women.

Here are a few unique ways to for make your White Ribbon Night a great girls’ night in.

Wine, Dine and Fine Art Night:

One of the best ways to celebrate ending violence against women is to eat, drink and be merry. But why not get creative? Invite your family and friends over for dinner, get out the paintbrushes and go crazy.

Tip: Encourage your male friends or family members to cook dinner, while the girls play with watercolours!

Movie Marathon:

It’s time to give domestic violence the (chick) flick! Grab a blanket, some snacks and some pals, and binge-watch some empowering female films. Some great suggestions include Frances Ha, Julie & Julia and Still Alice. Here’s a list of some more movies about extraordinary women.

Tip: Dress up your male friends/family in tuxedos and ask them to serve you popcorn and hot chocolate.

Clothes Swap:

Too many clothes and nothing to wear? A clothes swap meet can be a fun, unique and boutique way to conquer violence against women, and score yourself some new fashion threads. Simply ask attendees to bring along one or more items of pre-loved clothing and voila!

Tip: Ask your male friends/family to stretch out your newly acquired, pre-loved high heels by wearing them around the house.

Go Out And Support Some Inspiring Women:

One of the best ways to fight violence against women is to do the complete opposite: get out of the house and empower some inspiring women in your local community! There are so many incredible female musicians, comedians, writers and actors doing amazing things in our society, so grab your friends, grab an uber, and go support these amazing women. Girl power!

Tip: Ask your male friends/family to pick you up and drop you off at the venue, to ensure you get home safely!