Why Do I Need A Vision?

Creating a vision for your future is important to help reach your goals.

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Why Do I Need A Vision

When was the last time you did a jigsaw? I last did a jigsaw with my three year old a few days ago. And it was a nightmare.

The thing about jigsaws is that if you want to piece them together you kinda need to know what it’s meant to look like. Which means you need the jigsaw box, right? Unfortunately in our house, jigsaw boxes are easily lost amongst the millions of toys strewn about the place.

Do you see where my analogy is going?

In order to create the picture you need to have an idea what it’s supposed to look like. You refer to the picture on the box in order to fathom what piece goes where. The same is true for your life.

Yes, it’s possible to do the jigsaw without the box by starting with all the square edges and figuring it out as you go along. For some people that’s just fine. However, for most of us doing it that way will be more frustrating and will take longer because we don’t know what it’s meant to look like or what bit goes where.

Having the box to match with the final image means that you can see the bigger picture. The same is true with your vision for your life. Your vision is your bigger picture. It’s the image on the box of your life. It’s how the finished piece in all its beauty is going to look. It’s knowing what bit goes where and piecing it all together so that it’s fun to make.

And yes, it makes the putting together all the pieces of your life less challenging and less frustrating!
Knowing what you want your life to look like means that you can make decisions easier. You can use your energy more efficiently. You can get to where you want to go with less challenges and trying to make pieces of your life fit together when they don’t.

You know what pieces fit where to make the bigger picture come together. When you know what the bigger picture looks like, you are able to move more quickly towards what you want in life. You can see at a glance whether it’s contributing to the picture and enhancing it or making it look and feel wrong. That is the power of having a vision.

That is why we create a vision for our future. Our vision guides our actions, our efforts and our outcomes.