Travel to India and Visit Majestic Mumbai

Go to Mumbai. Here's why.

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Bollywood Dance (Image Source: Chantrakada)

In the United States, New York is known as the ‘city that never sleeps’. Its counterpart in India is Mumbai. India is among the favorite tourist destinations right now. Despite the small troubles that occur in the streets of India, tourists still love to go to this magnificent and alluring country. Maybe it’s the need to unravel the secrets of the country’s past, or maybe it’s the breathtaking landscapes that draws tourists each year. Whatever it is, India is a place that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you travel to India, visit Mumbai.


Mumbai is a very important commercial center in India. So far, it is the largest metropolitan area and is densely populated. The so-called Star Machine of the country is found in Mumbai, Bollywood. This Star Machine is able to come up with more motion pictures than even Hollywood. The entertainment industry in India is booming and its popularity around the world is ever-increasing. Indian cinema has definitely contributed to the country’s cultural and economic context.


The metropolitan area is located in the coastal area. Almost half of India’s sea cargo and traffic is catered in this sea harbor. Many years ago, Mumbai was a 7-island archipelago. Way back in the nineteenth century, the archipelago was amalgamated. Geographical features in Mumbai are diverse and so if you visit this city at any time of the year, you will experience tropical weather.

East Meets West: Festivals

Mumbai’s culture is a reflection of many cultural influences. The city celebrates both the eastern and western festivals. These festivals are eagerly awaited by the tourists and so you have to know when the festivals are being celebrated. This represents unity despite the differences within the city. India is a country with different religions and beliefs but still, the entire country remains peaceful and very accommodating to tourists.

Heritage Sites

Heritage sites are also located in Mumbai which includes Elephanta Caves and Chatrapati Shivaji. When you’re already in India, do check with your travel agency or the tourist guide if you can visit the sites because this might be your only chance to visit the place.

A Rose By Any Other Name

The city was only called Mumbai in 1995 but before that, local residents called it Bombay. The city is a hub for the manufacturing industry, transportation, and commercial. The name Mumbai was derived from a Hindu Goddess known as Mumba or Parvati.

India’s Gateway

While you’re in Mumbai, you should also see India’s Gateway. This is a structure that sea travelers first see when they arrive at the harbor. There are also monuments in the city like the Gothic style Presidency Secretariat, University Hall and Tower, Clock Tower of Rajabai, and High Court. If you’re looking for a castle in this city, you should go to the Horniman Circle. You can find the castle in the fort area’s center.

There are still many things to see in Mumbai aside from those mentioned awhile earlier. Your tourist guide can show you around the city of Mumbai. If you want, before you travel to India, you should already conduct a research about Mumbai and choose the specific locations that you want to visit.

If you’re not staying long in India or in Mumbai, make sure that you visit the most popular tourist spots so that your travel is not wasted. And don’t forget your camera! Your family and friends will want to glimpse how wonderful the country is. Plan your trip or travel to India and visit Mumbai while you have the chance.