Making Your Childhood House A Home Again

Because moving back home doesn’t have to leave you feeling defeated

Re-decorate your home (Image Source: Novo),, crowd ink,, crowdink
Re-decorate your home (Image Source: Novo)

With record numbers of young people moving back in with their parents (this author included!) it’s time to face the facts: in this economy, a large percentage of millennials are going to be moving back in with their folks.

While real estate and rental prices continue to increase, wage growth isn’t rising in accordance, so if you ever want to own a place of your own, chances are you’ll be moving back in with your parents at some point while you save for a deposit, or while you try and save money period!

If the thought of moving back into your childhood bedroom doesn’t sound appealing, but money is beginning to get tight, then not to worry, here are 5 ways you can make the most out of a move back home.

  1. Contribute to the household

If you were independent before, don’t lose that independence entirely. Help out with the cooking of meals, the completion of housework and even offer to pay rent so you don’t feel too much like a kid again.

  1. Make the most of the time

If your parents are willing to have you move back in with them, chances are you’ve got a pretty good relationship. Make the most of the extra time with them, rather than thinking of them as bossy flatmates.

  1. Redecorate your room

If teenage heartthrobs still line your bedroom walls, it’s time to unstick those posters and make the switch to something a little more age-appropriate. 

  1. Know it isn’t forever

These sorts of situations are temporary! Keep that in mind and keep planning for the future.

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