Is it Time to Minimise? Downsizing to a Tiny House Might be the Best way.

An investigation on the pros and cons of owning your very own tiny home

Is it Time to Minimise? Downsizing to a Tiny House Might be the Best way.

Tiny houses have always been an intriguing concept that most view as clever and cute. So why are so few of us actually prepared to downsize all the way?

Our obvious answer is that a tiny home is just too small. But could this perception be a simple lack of tiny house exposure and a result of being raised in too many multi-roomed homes?

Tiny houses for those who don’t know are defined as abodes of 37 square meters or less. They are cleverly designed to utilise space and contain everything a regular functioning home would need.

The greatest benefits for those who consider going tiny are the notions of living simply, sustainably and affordably.

Tiny houses help influence a simple lifestyle by removing the pressure of having unnecessary “stuff”. We are all victim to over-consumption and buying more than what we actually need to live healthily and happily. Tiny houses are seen as more sustainable as they not only require less energy than the traditional home, but they also are often made out of more recycled materials. The greatest selling point however for a lot of tiny homeowners is affordability. Whilst dependent on the size your family and needs, prices start at $20,000 and can go up to $120,000, in comparison to Melbourne’s median house price of $1 million.

Despite these benefits, it is understandable that tiny houses might not be quite right for everyone. It may be difficult to prepare meals ahead of time or buy a new outfit for a special occasion with limited storage space. Even worse, imagine having to share a tiny house after a big argument and not being able to get some space. It is also difficult to have guests over if you’re the type of person that loves to regularly host events. Another downfall is the potential cost of towing your tiny home from one location to the next, as well as the legality of only being able to it to certain places.

There are many things to think about when it comes to downsizing all the way. Tiny houses are fascinating and for the right person, they may very well be the perfect alternative to buying or renting a traditional house or apartment.