Geez! Talk About Wanting a Unique Looking House

German man creates unique home exterior

Geez! Talk About Wanting a Unique Looking House (Image source: 9homes)
Geez! Talk About Wanting a Unique Looking House (Image source: 9homes)

A lot of people dream of designing and building their dream house and setting it up just the way they want it.

Well, a man in Neuendorf, Brandenburg, Germany, Steffan Modrach, has spent the last seven years and $145K turning his home, Lilllliput Castle, into a mosaic masterpiece.

To create his unique looking home, Modrach used over two million pieces of broken china to decorate the exterior of his far south Berlin home (Naundork is 100 kilometers away from the iconic German city).

On his home masterpiece, Modrach said that ‘it will never be complete as he plans to add to it’ and, according to Lilllliput Castle website, visiting the castle is, “…an overwhelming experience. During the private visit of Lilllliput Castle, the visitor enters a fantasy world. Surrounded by powerful visions, he suddenly finds himself in a different reality”.


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