The Kids Are Alright: (Let Lesbians Live/Make Out)

A Kellogg's ad featuring women loving themselves had half a second of two women kissing

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Kellogg’s Special-K Ad

A concerned mother who just wrote to the Advertising Standards Board of Australia complaining about the new Special K advert titled ‘Own it’.

In the advert, which features women learning to embrace their bodies no matter what shape or form, a missable 1-second scene of two women kissing also aired. The concerned mother wrote in saying that her 7 year old has been scarred from watching this particular scene.

Here is the thing.

When I watched the advert when it was first aired on TV, I did not realize that there was an LGBT kissing scene. I was more intrigued by the message behind the advert, which was to love myself. I have, and still am, struggling with body image since I was 14.

It was only after a friend pointed it out to me and I paused the video that I even noticed the women. If I had missed it, I hardly doubt a 7 year old caught it in the first place. I was 7 once; my mind would concentrate on something for a second and another in a blink of an eye.

In her argument, she also pointed out that this LGBT scene did not have anything to do with the breakfast cereal. But did she not notice also the kissing scene between a man and woman in the car?

She says the ad is trying to normalize ‘this’ behavior. But what is ‘this’ behavior exactly? Two people showing their affection for one another just like any other couple would do? Or the fact that two people of the same gender are not afraid anymore and basically saying “Stuff it, we are people too. Just like you.”

We see couples showing affection and making out in public, yet we don’t bat an eyelid. But as soon as same sex couples do the same thing, it is frowned upon. The fact that we are still having this argument today in 2016 is ridiculous.

In my personal opinion, let your kids open up their minds. Do not shield them from things you deem not right only because it goes against your religion or beliefs.

I am not telling you how to raise your kid, I am just saying I have seen enough hurt and pain coming from families who think they are doing right by their children.