What the Latest Lynx Ad Did Right

And why it’s worth overlooking what it might have done wrong.

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Lynx Ad

The recent advertisement from Lynx Australia has been received with mixed reactions. The ad, which tells its audience to “find your magic”, is doing a lot to deconstruct outdated views on masculinity.
Unfortunately, there’s also a crowd of people who aren’t too happy with one particular scene, which depicts a young woman grasping at a pillow in ecstasy. The fleeting innuendo was intended to be playful and empowering for women. Instead, there have been complaints from those who see it as sexist and derogatory towards women.

If we look at the scenes that surround the ad, first, it might put this one into perspective.

We’re shown a series of snapshots from the lives of men of different ages, races, and sexual preferences. Rather than traditional ads that bend themselves to more rigid views on masculinity – like a straight guy with a six pack. Each scene in this ad shows a guy ‘in his element’.
Amongst others, there’s a guy dancing [incredibly] in heels, there’s homosexual flirtation, there’s a differently-abled man dancing on his wedding day – and, there’s a hipster holding kittens.
Near the end of the ad, we hear a voice over say; “Who needs some other thing when you’ve got YOUR thing? Now work on it”. There is an overriding message that suggests men embrace their individuality, and work hard at being themselves. It’s unfortunate that part of that might have been lost in the fuss about the sexual innuendo scene, because this seems like too good an ad to sweep to the side.

Overall, though, it’s hard to deny that the ad is doing more good than it is harm. We’d definitely like to see more guys dancing on their treadmills, singing into the mirror, and showing off their math skills in pride.

Check out the ad for yourself below: