Cringe With Us While Women Read Donald Trump’s Sexist Quotes

Donald Trump is a lot less funny when read by women.

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Donald Trump (Image Source: Gawker)

Controversial. Racist. Hateful. These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Republican candidate for presidential election Donald J Trump. Now we definitely have the grounds to add sexist to the list.

In a short, 1-minute video featuring women reading quotes used by Trump to describe both prominent women and just women in general, we see the way that Mr. Trump is not just sexist, but really confused in his sexism.

Now, I think we can all agree that he is not the first male white supremacist to hit our television screens or the American political scene in general, but the fact that in 2016 he is still allowed to run his mouth in this fashion is just plain disappointing.

After decades of effort on the part of feminists who have fought to usher in dialogue and an appropriate way to use the language surrounding women, particularly on the political scene, it feels as though all we have achieved has been smeared in the mud.

No, I am not just talking about Trump anymore.

Donald Trump is a prominent figure with thousands upon thousands of supporters across America; his latest victory in Florida a testament to the extent to which the general Republican population buys into his views. Although his campaign seemed ridiculous, comedic even, in its early stages, now all it seems to be is a never-ending siren declaring a state of societal emergency.

His sexist slurs are no longer a matter of his own views, but a representation of the views of at least some of his followers with the rest admiring him enough to be affected by them. What is more frustrating is that his sexism is not even well-defined or adhering to a certain point or train of though (not that sexism generally has one).

Amongst the comments he makes is one about princess Diana in which he speaks about her appearance and refers to them as minor details initially causing the audience to think that maybe he is more concerned with her intelligence than her appearance. However, as the video goes on another woman reads a comment in which he states that it doesn’t matter what a woman has to say as long as she has a “young and beautiful piece of ass.”

At this point, you sit there thinking, “No; no, Mr. Trump. You are a confused, sexist man who has nothing better to do than spread hate against anybody who is not you and that includes women.”

The women go on to read all sorts of comments ranging from a slur about a woman’s menstrual cycle, a biological phenomenon that attracts the pink tax (but never mind the man isn’t in business or anything), to brash statements that refer to gender roles in which women are expected to take care of the children while men give them money to do so (at least now he has stepped us up from pigs to servants right?).

Towards the end of the video, the women talk about voting against Trump, which I honestly find to be irrelevant as they have already uncovered a bigger underlying problem in the way our young men are taught about treating women.

That is, to treat women either as inferiors or as property.

To a large proportion of people that is the norm.

Although feminism has achieved a great deal, it still has a very long way to go in instigating the societal change that needs to happen. Feminism is anything but irrelevant to the dialogues we should be engaging in this day and age.

Donald J Trump has just been an agent in allowing us to see that.

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