Butting Heads: Abbott vs. Turnbull

Its been a year since Malcolm Turnbull’s victory at the 2016 elections.

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Turnbull vs Abbott

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is full of criticism. He criticised the NSW party headquarters because it asked members to “turn up, to pay up, and to [then, merely] shut up”. Mr Abbott has exposed his desire “to take our party back” and emerge as the victor.

On the contrary, current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull celebrated the progress he and his party have achieved. Turnbull’s government celebrates the “year of delivery” especially in areas such as education, visa reform, planned intervention on gas exports and a second Sydney airport.

“My government has achieved real results, strong outcomes, not just headlines and press statements but new laws, stronger policies, providing opportunity and security for all Australians”. The Prime Minister says he is far more interested in people rather than politics or personalities.

Upon being questioned about energy, Mr Turnbull declared his intention of focusing on engineering and economics rather than ideology and politics. He exposes the demand for another leadership style. This is one that is “clear-eyed, hard-headed, well-thought-out” leadership.

“My clear message to politicians and journalists alike, is don’t focus on yourselves. Focus on the people who elected us.”

The Prime Minister claimed that he intended to retain his position and continue his duties.

“I will be Prime Minister for a very long time,” he said. “I will be running at the 2019 election and will win. So that’s my commitment.”

Do you agree – has Malcolm Turnbull done enough? Is he really going to be re-elected? Is he fit for the role? What are some of the core structural areas you’d like to see commented upon?