National Tree Day: Planting The Seed of Sustainability

Five ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable

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National Tree Day

In our busy everyday lives, it’s easy to make choices that prioritise convenience over sustainability. When we’re overloaded with work and overstretched for time, it’s simply more efficient to grab a cup of takeaway coffee instead of sitting in, to drive instead of using public transport or to use a plastic bag instead of a reusable one. But every one of these seemingly insignificant choices has an effect on the environment, our climate and the sustainability of our planet. Here are a few small things you can do to make your lifestyle more sustainable.

  1. Get Bus-sy

Having only one person per car on the roads is a huge waste of fossil fuels. Whether it’s using public transportation, carpooling, cycling or walking, changing your driving habits can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint

2. Meat us half way

Meat production is one of the most environmentally destructive industries and creates more greenhouse gas emissions than all other industries combined. It’s responsible for huge amounts of water waste, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and habitat destruction. By choosing tofu over turkey every once in a while, you can help to sustain the environment, improve your health and reduce animal suffering.

3. Op-shop ’til you drop

By reselling, donating or buying recycled clothing and homewares, you can help reduce the production of disposable or cheaply made single-use products that inevitably end up in landfills and waste our earth’s resources. Buying pre-loved clothes from Opshops or second hand retailers is much more sustainable, conscious and cost-effective way to shop.

4. Farmers are friends, not food.

A great way to live more sustainably is to eat locally. While supermarkets are incredibly convenient and varied in their range of fruits and veggies, transporting and growing these products consume huge amounts of fossil fuel energy. Try buying from local farmers markets, cafes or small businesses instead.

5. Plant a tree for National Tree Day!

By growing your own veggies, starting a herb garden, or simply just planting a tree, you can increase the sustainability of your lifestyle. A small garden, balcony or even just a window box can provide enough space to grow edible herbs, fruits and vegetables. National Tree Day, held today the 31st July, aims to inspire, educate and recruit Australians to actively care for our unique land and give back to the environment.