Tossing Up Baby Names

What will the next royal baby be called?

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Baby Names
  • There is a lot of a speculation about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby
  • Many bets are being placed
  • Alice is the favoured name

The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again and many are speculating her baby’s name.

According to Ladbroke, if the baby is a girl many believe that she shall be named Alice.

“Last time around, twins were very heavily backed from 33/1 in to 10/1 and it would be no surprise to see the same thing happen this time. Royal baby betting is big business and when Prince George was born, we took over £1m. Turnover looks set to spike again.” said Joe Crilly, a representative for William Hill.

Alice is the current favourite but bets have also been placed on Arthur, Victoria, Alexandra, Albert and Phillip.

William Hill believes the baby shall be called either Alice, Elizabeth or James.

“Most of the names towards the top of the betting are ones which have been popular the last two times around and we expect they will be again,” said Joe Crilly.

There is a 4/1 chance that the couple could birth a pair of twins. There is also a 50/1 chance of obtaining triplets.