There’s Something About Andrew

Andrews Squared

Julie Bishop (FinReview)
Julie Bishop (FinReview)

In radical news out of Canberra, the likelihood of your name being Andrew has amplified your potential of running our country. Current statistics have determined that six Liberal and National female MPs would remain in the House of Representatives in the next year, while five men named Andrew would make up the same percentile if Ms Bishop quits or one of her colleagues loses her seat.

Compared with Labor’s relative 50/50 ratio of men and women, the Liberals situation is hard to comprehend. Julie Bishop has done her best ruffling of feathers in Parliament’s playground with her 60 Minutes interview, addressing the gender issue last night, “I have been in a cabinet where I was the only female. And then five female colleagues joined me and there were vastly different discussions and debates,” she said.

Only on June 11th, the (dec.) Turnbull government endorsed the target of 50% female candidates by 2025. This idea would boost the Liberal’s popularity with the literal 50% female population of the country. Maybe we should start naming our girls Andrew and see what happens?