Studio Ghibli Set to Open Theme Park

There’s a new happiest place on Earth!

Advertisement,, crowd ink, crowdink, Studio Ghibli (Image Source: angelikafilmcenter)
Studio Ghibli (Image Source: angelikafilmcenter)

No doubt you’ve heard of Studio Ghibli (if not, you’ll have to go over to see our top picks for movies to watch), and you’d best know that the morals of the masterpieces that the studio makes is beyond just films – it’s about growth and endurance of life and challenges for viewers of all ages.

It’s been revealed that a new theme park, based on one of the studio’s most successful animations, My Neighbour Totoro, is being developed in Nagoya, Japan and will allow fans the chance to explore the magical world of the film brought to life.

Set to open up by 2020, perhaps one of the world’s most beloved characters, the fluffy Totoro (also the main hero of the animation) and his magical world will become another must-visit destination for fans and adventure brewers alike.