Michelle Tupy Has Some Sage Advice for Happy Couples

Michelle tells all about how she met her partner and how to keep a happy relationship happy for the long haul.

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Michelle Tupy Has Some Advice for Happy Couples

CrowdInk had the chance to sit down with Michelle Tupy, a dreamer, traveler, and writer, who is also one half of a pretty darn happy couple. Michelle tells all about how she met her partner and how to keep a happy relationship happy for the long haul.

CrowdInk: What was your first impression of your partner? You mentioned he was hung over, what was your second impression?

Michelle Tupy: I was smitten. At the time Matt was actually still quite drunk when I met him. He had just flown in to China from Canada and the boss of the company we were both working for had taken him directly to the train station after a heavily laden alcoholic lunch. I had survived through enough of those myself as I had already been in China for a couple of month – so I know they weren’t easy. Funnily enough, I had no idea at the time – it was only afterwards, after we started dating, that he admitted he was quite drunk when we met. I was clueless.

CI: Was there initial chemistry/attraction?

MT: Yes there was – we chatted casually and instantly I knew I would like to know more about this man. We had a train ride to get to know each other and we both knew we would like that conversation to continue well after the train ride ended.

CI: What attracted you to him?

MT: The conversation (even though he says he was drunk!) and his looks.

CI: What’s your favourite past time activity as a couple?

MT: Travel – we met in China after all and continued to live there for 3 years together. We have also lived in Australia, Canada, and Peru and are currently doing a road trip from South America to North America with our two kids, aged 11 and 6 in a VW Kombi. Yes our story did have a happy ending! And movies – we like to keep up to date with the all the latest movies.

CI: What is your number one tip for a happy relationship?

MT: To always make time for each other. It is easy at the start, but relationships change over the years, especially when you have kids. Finding time for each other becomes more important the longer you are together, in my opinion.