The Internet is Playing Dress-Ups With the Queen (and it’s Great)

Ninety years into life and Her Royal Highness is still showing that she’s cool, she’s hip, she’s down with the kids.

Batman Outfit (Image Source: Salih Talay),,, crowd ink, crowdink, queen, outfits, fashion
Batman Outfit (Image Source: Salih Talay)

The Internet is going to town on the Queen’s latest ‘green-screen’ outfit that she donned at her 90th birthday celebrations this week. Being one of the easiest colours to manipulate onscreen, wearing fluorescent green is a risky move in a meme-loving world. Although, when you’re ninety years old (and the Queen), you can do whatever you want, really – and her majesty simply works it in every photo.

In true celebration of her birthday, we’re taking a look at the best edits people have made to her outfit (and reminding us why we love the internet so much).

1. The Original

Queen Green Screen, (Image,,, crowd ink, crowdink, green screen, queen, outfits, humour, funny, viral video, viral
Queen Green Screen, (Image

You have to get a look at the OG outfit first. On its own, the ensemble is quirky, fun and daring – very 2016. How could you ever criticize an outfit when the person wearing it is pairing it with a smile like that? Naw.

2. The Pizza

Pizza Outfit, (Image Source: Sam Chaplin),,, crowd ink, crowdink, pizza, outfit, queen
Pizza Outfit, (Image Source: Sam Chaplin)

What better way to dress a regal lady in something as ‘common’ as a pepperoni pizza? She doesn’t look as happy with her getup anymore, but we still love it.

3. Batman

Batman Outfit (Image Source: Salih Talay),,, crowd ink, crowdink, queen, outfits, fashion
Batman Outfit (Image Source: Salih Talay)

Whoever made this is a genius – all we’ve ever wanted to see is the Queen in a superhero outfit, riding a horse-drawn batmobile. We can get off the internet now.

4. The Guard

Guard Outfit, (Image Source: Karolis),,, crowdink, crowd ink, fashion , outfits, queen
Guard Outfit, (Image Source: Karolis)

The two have never looked cuter than they do here in their matching outfits. #couplegoals.

5. Bling Bling

Bling Outfit, (Image Source: Isa Kiko),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Bling Outfit, (Image Source: Isa Kiko)

Some people have really just been using the picture to dress the Queen up. The online game should be here any time now.

6. The Burger

Burger Outfit, (Image Source: Tom),,, crowd ink, crowdink, fashion, outfit
Burger Outfit, (Image Source: Tom)

Another food-based outfit, which for reasons we can’t explain are what make us laugh the most. It’s a monarch. Dressed in a burger outfit.

7. The Colour-Changing Dress

BlueBlack Dress, (Image Source: Julija Neje),,, crowdink, crowd ink
BlueBlack Dress, (Image Source: Julija Neje)

This dress will never stop coming back to haunt us. Is she wearing black and blue or gold and white? Who cares, really, when she rocks it either way.

8. Eggplants…

Eggplant Outfit, (Image Source:,,, crowd ink, crowdink
Eggplant Outfit, (Image Source:

Something a little cheeky to end with, we think this is a fine selection of emoji to dress the Queen in… we think she might even approve.