Ditch the Flowers – Choose HELPFUL LOVE

Flowers are lovely, and the default gift when loss or tragedy strikes. But they aren't particularly helpful...

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Helpful Love offers a practical solution in the form of domestic support that can be used when support fades and flowers wilt away.

In short, ditch the flowers and think practically!

Helpful Love is a website (www.helpfullove.com.au), directory and community of service providers, who not only perform a quality service, but who genuinely care about grieving families experiencing tragic loss.

There is a briefing process with every vendor to ensure they are the right fit for the Helpful Love community. If you only care about money, your invitation to join is politely withdrawn.

It all started when Newcastle Mama of two, Kim Oakhill felt helpless when a dear friend lost her beautiful little girl. Thousands of dollars worth of flowers arrived for days and weeks following the death, only to wilt away in the garage and be thrown in the bin due to a hay fever allergy.

“Flowers are a lovely gesture, but not particularly helpful," says Kim. "I searched everywhere for something that was a bit different; something useful or helpful. But I wasn't exactly sure what help they needed at that point in time."

Kim has also received feedback since starting Helpful Love on how much work flowers actually are… Firstly, borrowing vases from neighbours (who has more than one or two vases, seriously? Yet when grief strikes, or a new baby arrives, you may receive more than 10 bunches!) Then topping up the water, then cleaning the mess of dropping petals as they die. Such a lovely thought… SO not practical!

Kim saw the need for a one stop shop of local businesses who could be ‘on call’ to ease the burden of daily life, allowing families to take some time out to grieve and spend time with their loved ones when they needed it most.

Helpful Love is the perfect solution for those looking for a helpful, practical gift during grief and tough times.

It works two ways…

People can browse the website directory and book a caring service provider directly, or if they are unsure of the exact type of service needed, they can purchase a Helpful Love Gift Voucher from $50 which can be redeemed with any Helpful Love vendor the recipient chooses.

Helpful Love also offers Group Collections – a virtual way to "pass the hat around" and 100% of the money collected is converted into Helpful Love Gift Vouchers and sent to the grieving recipient for redemption whenever they are ready (all admin fees are covered by the vendors, unlike other crowd funding sources were they take a cut to cover costs).

Helpful Love is currently servicing Newcastle, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Port Macquarie, Maitland, Sydney and Canberra, and actively canvassing vendors across Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and Perth.

Helpful Love aims for the core 6 in each area – cleaning, lawn mowing, massage, fruit and vegetable deliveries, grief counseling, and home cooked meal deliveries, and anything extra is a bonus (extras in some areas currently include pet minding, personal styling, spiritual healing, hair and make up, mobile mechanic services, family photography, yoga, laundry and even private lounge room concerts)!

Next time you're feeling helpless, or looking for something more practical than flowers, check out Helpful Love.