China bans ‘Abnormal Sexuality’

Many on Chinese social media were left upset and confused about why this happened.

China Bans Online Gay Life,
China Bans Online Gay Life

Sina Weibo, a popular micro-blogging site in China has received some attention when Chinese censors put out the regulation that anything portraying same sex relationships should be banned.

Many on Chinese social media were left upset and confused about why this happened.

The decision was prompted by Beijing regulators to censor the homosexual activities in all online content. This means that anything as little as a same sex pair of people holding hands has no longer been allowed online.

The regulation was enforced at the beginning of July this year and has had major backlash. Users of social media have had multiple comments about how disgusted they are with these new rules, one user even stating “Aren’t homosexuals normal? Why do you push them to a corner?”

Eighty-four categories were banned from online video programmes by Chinese censors, including prostitution, drug use or addiction, marital affairs and the list goes on.

The government perceives homosexuality and all these other themes as obscene and that banning this content will help with the rejuvenate the Chinese nation.

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