Brexit – Will it Ever Happen?

Boris Johnson has suffered another defeat in parliament that could see Britain head to the polls ... again.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

Brexit was decided upon by the citizens of the UK on June 23 2016. Theresa May quit as the leader of the Conservative Party on June 7 2019, after failing to reach a Brexit deal. Boris Johnson became the new Prime Minister in July 2019,seen as the best person to deliver Brexit. The UK was supposed to leave the EU on March 29, but the date was postponed to October 31as a deal wasn’t agreed.

Opposition MPs and members of Johnson’s Conservative Party voted to take away control of the parliamentary business from the ruling Conservatives, essentially sacking 21 of his MPs(those who voted against). The motion was passed 328 to 301, a bid to prevent the UK to leave without a deal at the end of October. The first step to delaying Brexit beyond the October 31 deadline. It is also Johnson’s first parliamentary vote defeat since coming to power. 

Johnson, who became Prime Minister less than six weeks ago, has repeatedly said Britain will leave the EU on October 31, even without a deal. He is now expected to call a snap general election on October 14.

Will Brexit ever happen? Is it the right time to move to the UK? Only time will tell.  

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