Belgian Air Force is Totally Blowing up right now!

One mechanic learnt how to NOT make friends at work

Belgium Air
Belgium Air

We’ve all had bad days at the office when you can’t seem to do anything right and the very first email you send seems to unravel the entire day.

A Belgian Air Force mechanic experienced something a little worse than getting a passive aggressive email from Susan in Accounting. He was going about his business, servicing an F-16 jet, when he had a little “oopsie” and pressed the big red button that read, “FIRE MISSILE”. At least, that’s how I imagine it went.

The poor mechanic accidentally shot off a Vulcan cannon that headed straight for another F-16, which promptly exploded into a gazillion pieces. Two technicians were injured in the accident, but were promptly treated at the scene and everything turned out okay. The yearly Christmas party might be a little awkward though.