Australian Politics: What The Hell is Happening ???

We have a new Prime Minister everyone! Is it time to celebrate? Is it time to cry?

Australian Politics (Image Source- SBS)
Australian Politics (Image Source- SBS)

If you ever had the joy of being bullied by a group of mean girls in high school you probably found the latest leadership spill pretty familiar.

Peter Dutton was sick of following and decided that he was way more popular than Malcolm Turnbull. Which is baffling to everyone, except for the few in Dutton’s inner-circle, so he tried his darndest to push old Malcolm out.

It wasn’t very successful, and so Malcolm was all like, “You can only get me out if you get 43 people to stab me in the back.” And since it’s the world of politics, he did.

Though not all of the signatures on the petition were Dutton supporters. Many of them just wanted the bickering to stop. So Dutton was totally feeling himself when he challenged the leadership for a second time. But Malcolm at that point had aged approximately 75 years and decided to walk off into the sunset. And then it was just between Scott Morrison, the guy who sent an insta story to refugees telling them to give up all hope, and Peter Dutton who think African Gangs make up 75% of Victoria. What a choice!

And the Libs chose Morrison, which is…good? Who knows? I guess we’ll find out