Twitter’s Reaction to Brexit is Amazing

The hashtag #BrexitIn5Words reminds us why we love twitter oh so much.

Brexit Feature, crowdink, crowd ink,,
Brexit Feature

Britain’s shock exit from the European Union has left the United Kingdom in more of a divided state, and the rest of the world has been putting in their two cents on social media, too, of course. While the rest of the adult world gets serious, we can always rely on our trusty Twitter users to bring the comedy gold as they show us, with the hashtag #BrexitIn5Words, that saying less can mean more.

Day 2 Still Fine [image source: Twitter], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Day 2 Still Fine [image source: Twitter]
What better way to get this list started than with some of that cheeky British positivity. What’s that, global crisis? Nothing a cup of tea won’t fix.

Baked Beans, crowd ink, crowdink,,
Baked Beans

We hope for your sake, Britain, that this hasn’t been the political equivalent of joining the mathletes. Not that there’s anything wrong with baked beans, but this could mean a lot of bleak lunchtimes for you for a while.

Vote Actually Mattered, crowdink, crowd ink,,
Vote Actually Mattered

Please, Britain, don’t tell us you were all just having a giggle when you voted ‘leave’. This is a serious matter; stop your snickering and tuck your shirts in.

End of Nemo, crowd ink, crowdink,,
End of Nemo

This is one of the best analogies anyone has made. Britain might be stuck in a little metaphorical plastic bag, but at least they’re where they want to be. They can figure out the other part later.

Go Home Drunk, crowdink, crowd ink,,
Go Home Drunk

The voting for Brexit wrapped up on a Friday, right? It’s entirely possible the voters may have started the weekend celebrations early last week. We’re just saying…

Google EU Later, crowd ink, crowdink,,
Google EU Later

It was discovered that in the hours after the votes had already been submitted that there was a surge of Google searches on what the EU actually was. Good one, guys.

Not Into EU, crowdink, crowd ink,,
Not Into EU

Enough said. Brilliant.

Flesh Wound, crowdink, crowd ink,,
Flesh Wound

An excellent quote from a classic British movie – whether or not the Brits have indeed cut off their appendages with the daring move, we know they’ll never stop havin’ a laff.