Oldest Living Human Dies at age 146

Mbah Ghoto claims to be the oldest living man.

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Oldest Man (source: BBC)

An Indonesian man who claimed to be 146 years old, making him the oldest living man ever, has passed away.

Sodimedjo also known as Mbah Ghoto (Grandpa Ghoto) died this week in his village in Central Java.

Ghoto claims that he was born in December 1870, although his age was never verified due to Indonesia only recording births after the year 1900.

However, officials told the BBC his residency card was valid based on documents and interviews with him.

When asked about the secret to his long life, Ghoto told the BBC that patience was key and that he had “a long life because I have people that love me looking after me.”

Ghoto was a heavy smoker, who outlived his four wives.

He leaves behind five children, 12 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

As Mbah Gotho’s age was not independently verified, he is not the Guiness World Record holder as the oldest living human.

Instead the title goes to French woman Jeanne Calment who died in 1997 aged 122.

The world’s oldest person alive today is Violet Brown, a 117-year-old Jamaican woman.