Google Predicts the Latest on Fashion

Once again, Google’s clever capabilities have been able to discover the clothes we like to wear.

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Google Predicts the Latest on Fashion

It’s official; Google can now predict what you’re planning to wear every day for the rest of the year. Google knows a lot about us already − from our playlist history on YouTube, to our favourite restaurants − so it comes as no surprise that Google knows the latest on fashion.

Google has recently released the 2016 fashion trends report, which analyses what people are typing into their devices in order to discover the biggest fashion trends of 2016.

Based on Google’s recent findings, bomber jackets, jumpsuits, and off-the-shoulder clothes are what everyone has their eyes on, even children. The growing trend of the bomber jacket is now seen more and more on fashion-conscious women who aren’t just dressing to specifically impress men anymore, but to satisfy their own preferences by “dressing more like men reappropriating traditionally masculine styles like bomber jackets and biker jeans,” as mentioned by Google.

Men, however, are taking more of a feminine approach with fashion trends such as jackets with “more ‘feminine’ colours and patterns.” Although it has now become much more common for men to wear feminine clothing such as pink shirts, once upon a time, it wouldn’t even have entered their minds.

In April this year, searches for the bomber jacket grew 297 per cent in the UK and a whopping 612 per cent in the US. The styles of bomber jackets that people have been craving include “spring-ready colours”, as well as satin, silk, pink, and floral materials with embroidery.

The other popular trend for people of all ages is off-the-shoulder clothing in both lace and denim materials, which includes boho dresses and kimonos. Apparently, we have Michelle Obama to thank for the kimono/boho trend. Over the last year, this particular trend has risen drastically to 261 per cent in the UK and 347 per cent in the US.

The famous jumpsuit and romper is also here to stay again for the summer – they have especially been a huge hit in the US over the last couple of years. The jumpsuit and romper is popular with both genders and for all occasions from festivals to weddings. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Kate Hudson have helped to increase the Google search for this trend as they also enjoying wearing a romper or two.

With the 2016 fashion trend report, Google agrees that fashion is becoming more functional than ever, with the romper offering a “quick and easy” option for “time-strapped women.”

Once again, Google has been able to track us down with our choices of fashion and sense of style.

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