Brisbane Hero Saves The Day In His Jocks

Not all heroes wear capes; some only need underwear to chase bad guys and help the police catch them.

Nudgee Road Fish and Chip Shop Damage . Picture. (Image Source: Tara Croser The Courier Mail)
Nudgee Road Fish and Chip Shop Damage . Picture. (Image Source: Tara Croser The Courier Mail)
  • Daniel McConnells was awoken suddenly at 2am on Thursday morning when the noise of a car crash was heard coming from outside his house, leading him to go see what had happened;
  • When the driver was seen getting back in his car and fleeing the scene, Mr McConnells quickly jumped in his car to chase him down the street, until he eventually helped the police catch the perpetrator — all the while wearing nothing but jocks;
  • He has been cheerfully acclaimed as a hero in the media and in the community, with some even suggesting he be awarded the title of “Australian of the Year”.

A Brisbane local turned hero overnight as he chased down a man who ploughed into a shopfront, helping the police catch him — the man of the hour was only wearing his underwear.

Daniel McConnells said his wife woke him up at around 2am on Thursday when she heard a loud commotion near their house. It wasn’t long before they realised a car had just crashed into McConnells’ mate’s fish and chips shop, and saw as the perpetrator walked back to his car in an attempt to escape the scene.

“I jumped out of bed, all I had was me undies on,” said McConnells. “I’ve walked out the front and I’ve seen the bloke walking back to the car and so I’ve walked outside and said ‘what are you doing mate? You can’t leave the scene’.”

The front of the fish and chip shop, owned by McConnells’ friend’s family for over 40 years, was badly damaged by the incident.

Mr McConnells said that all he got as a response was “na, na, I fell asleep behind the wheel”, as he claims the man “didn’t seem normal” and “might have been under the influence of something”. He said that he couldn’t let him go without him taking responsibility for his actions.

“He’s just started taking off, so I’ve run inside, jumped in me little purple car, and started chasing him up the street. He went down a side street, and I told the coppers he went down a side street, and they went and got him,” recounted the man with a grin on his face.

“But mate, all I had was me jocks on and I’m chasing him up the street and I’m just like, mate!”

Thanks to Daniel’s assistance, the police were able to catch the 35-year-old Redcliffe man behind the wheel, who was charged with unlicensed driving and is expected to appear at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on January 31.

Mr McConnells has been, since then, drawing a lot of attention in the media and in the community, receiving the title of “Aussie of the day”, with some having suggested he be nominated for the “Australian of the Year” award, or even as the next face of Bonds underwear.

When confronted, the man of the hour said he didn’t consider himself a hero.

“It’s just something you gotta do for the community, got to look after your mates and they look after you,” he said.

Hands down, the type of neighbour we would all like to live next to.