Aleppo’s Destruction: Syria’s Civil War Rages On.

The Syrian government has taken complete control of the major city of Aleppo, but the country remains under threat, with no sense of certainty for the suffering civilians.

Aleppo (Image Source: CNN),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Aleppo (Image Source: CNN)
  • Aleppo, known as one of Syria’s major cities, has been left in ruins after recent attacks.
  • Civilians have been left homeless after the city was bombed last week, and many have lost entire families.
  • Evacuation buses from Aleppo have been intercepted, and deals and arrangements are still being made to help rebels and families safely escape the city.

The battle between the Syrian government and the rebels has left the country torn apart, and has now made its mark on the major city of Aleppo. The city had recently been separated by the opposing rebels and the Syrian government, but has now been overpowered by the government, with four major cities now being controlled by them.

The conflict rising between the rebels and the government has resulted in many civilians (which refers to the population that are on neither side of the regime) homeless, desperate for food, fuel and shelter, and in constant fear of attack. Last week, bombs were dropped on Aleppo killing countless civilians, and thousands, including parentless children, in desperate need of evacuation. Many are uncertain who initiated the attack, but it remains a major conflict, as members of each side are told not to harm civilians.

After the overpowering of Aleppo, evacuations were to be held in order to help rebels and families safely escape Aleppo, as part of an agreement which included the evacuation of people from Fouaa and Kefraya. Evacuation buses were, however, attacked and the deal was then put on hold until another conclusion could be made.

While the evacuations have again been rearranged and agreed upon, there is still a constant threat for rebel families as to whether they will be able to escape safely, or even have shelter to escape to. Aleppo, which once stood as a thriving, lively city, has been now left in ruins, with homes, schools and even hospitals destroyed. And while the government has taken control of major cities, rebel sites are still in control of many cities and areas. It is uncertain what will be next for Syria’s civil war, and the globe can only watch on in terror.