A Sock For Adventure and Relaxation

Socks for Adventure
Socks for Adventure

There is nothing better than the gentle hug of a fresh, soft pair of socks after a long day. The feeling of lying down on the couch in front of the fireplace, opening up a book and twisting your toes through those soft bamboo threads is peak relaxation. Then suddenly, you realise you’ve left some washing outside on the line. You just introduced your feet to the heavenly embrace of Sox by Angus, but now you’re going to have to say goodbye? You have no idea where you chucked your shoes, you were too excited to get into your comfy clothes and relax! Do you really need to take off these winter warmers and torture your feet against cold concrete? No more!

You can enjoy the creature comforts of chemical free bamboo both inside and out with Sox by Angus’ range of outdoor socks! Our outdoor socks are built for both heavy duty use and the casual visit to the backyard, so there’s no need to sacrifice your comfort when braving the outdoors. Looking to venture into the bush for a hike, or camping in the wilderness for a few nights? Our maximum yarn heavy duty socks will ensure your feet stay cosy with the thickest stitch available.

Finally, a pair of socks built to last the cold conditions of the wild outdoors, while still remaining nice and snug for relaxing indoors. You no longer need to choose! Have a look at all the colourful options available to combine ultimate comfort with practicality: www.soxbyangus.com.au