Shop Outside The Box

Shop outside the box
Shop outside the box

We have socks for all occasions. Whether you are wanting to commemorate an important occasion like a wedding or simply add depth and colour to your sock draw, there is specific design matching your each and every need. The founding principles are creativity, artistry and innovation combined with a love of fashion trends, popular culture and simply having fun with art.

Socks are more than that staple item in your drawer. At Sox By Angus,  socks are a representation of an artistic expression. Etched onto these socks can be the celebrated timeless masterpieces of the greats such as Picasso, Van Gough and Monet that will wow your imagination. Artists who will be with you every step of your journey inspiring conversations of your favourite passage in time.

With a market for men,  women and children they have cottoned on to the novelty, embraced it and set the tone for other nations to get amongst the growing trend. The intricate designs and advanced knitting techniques have allowed socks to blend to new meanings and even portray national symbols of patriotism. For instance, on your countries national day there can be a design capturing the essence of that day.

When you wear the socks, its more than just keeping your feet warm. You are putting your best foot forward and embracing an idea and expressing a version of a time or a place that deserves to be honoured. No longer should the greatest works in history be left to the confines of a museum or to pages in a book, why not wear them with you?