September is Fashion New Year and It’s Almost Here!

The September Issue is coming - here's why you should be excited!

Vogue Australia September Issue 2016 [image source: Vogue], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Vogue Australia September Issue 2016 [image source: Vogue]

I briskly walk into the news agency the day after Vogue drops their 2016 September Issue Covergirl, Kendall Jenner. I know there is still two weeks until the bible reaches the land down under, but I am too excited. I walk into the news agency where the local shop owner waves an all too familiar hello. We small talk and then I cut to the chase. I ask, “When are the September Issues coming in?” to which he replies, “a fortnight.” I share with him my excitement about the September Issue and in all his six years owning this news agency, he has never once noticed the September hype. On the other side of the world – where summer ceases to exist, autumn and winter begin to flourish, and New York fashion week launches – the September Issue is – Fashion New Year.

Rihanna September Issue Cover 2016, crowd ink, crowdink,,
Rihanna September Issue Cover 2016

I sure love the Internet and its magic, but there is no feeling like a tangible reading of a magazine. Like Alice in Wonderland, Judy in Zootopia, Harry at Hogwarts, or Carrie in New York – wonderstruck, deeply curious, and freaking at home. The Vogue’s September 2016 cover is released and the excitement has just begun. With eight hundred pages, editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour says, “Putting the September Issue together is like producing a movie, except the September Issue is really the block buster. We want the September Issue to be a place where our readers can dream, and escape and enjoy fashion in a way that they can’t in any other place.”

September Vogue Cover 2016, crowd ink, crowdink,,
September Vogue Cover 2016

With all the hype and excitement in the air (okay, in my vicinity of air), even on the other side of the world, I can’t help but wonder what our fashion resolutions are for this year. I have hardly owned jewelry since working at Diva (a female version of a hustler – you know you were thinking it) five years ago. If anyone has worked there, you know that the high-pitched fake voice and minimum of five jewelry pieces as uniform can force anyone to go through a jewelry detox – and I think it’s now time to bring it back. What are your resolutions for the Fashion New Year? Maybe wear underwear (I advise this first and foremost), go from block to print, switch from heels to flats, or maybe wear your birthday suit once a month? Share your resolutions below!

Harper's Bazaar - September Issue 2016 (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West), crowd ink, crowdink,,
Harper’s Bazaar – September Issue 2016 (Kim Kardashian & Kanye West)

The September Issue is where the editors-in-chief takes readers into a realm of fantasy, pop culture, and possibilities. If you could not care less about the September Issue, just know the clothes you’ll buy next year are pioneered by the fashion next month. If you consider yourself a decent-minded dresser, then drop by the news agency this September and flick through a few pages – you will be visually immersed. If you are jumping at the edge of your seat like me, hold tight my friends, we will be mesmerized soon enough!

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