Red Head Sperm is in Hot Demand For Wanna-be Parents

Calling all ginger ninjas

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Red Head Sperm is in Hot Demand

Calling all ginger ninjas: Sperm donor collection companies need more sperm from red haired men!

Currently only two percent of donors are redheads, and with more women wanting their children to have red hair, sperm donor collection companies can’t keep up!

This is a sharp contrast to six years ago, when one of the world’s largest sperm banks, Cryos International, closed its doors on gingers saying there wasn’t enough demand.

“Historically red-headed donors have not been popular but we are getting requests for profiles of men with firey hair. People often select a donor because of their heritage, perhaps they have Irish or Scottish ancestry,” Carmel Carrigan of Queensland Fertility Group said.

It seems that people have seen the light, and red hair has become a popular trend once again. Experts believe this could be due to the rising popularity of red-heads in the media such as Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint).

However, parents should be warned that it’s not a guarantee unless both parents have red hair.

“A donor with red hair does not guarantee a child with red hair as basically it is a genetic tumble drier,” Brisbane IVF fertility doctor David Molloy said.