Fast-track Your Morning Beauty Regime

Getting ready in the morning
Getting ready in the morning

Often we spend so much time trying to look good every single morning, after the struggle that is getting out of bed. Beauty routines don’t have to take forever, and no matter what your day holds, it’s possible to squeeze in more sleep, and still look and feel your best. Try some of these handy tricks to speed up your morning routine.

  1. Get organised. It may seem straight-forward, but a tidy workspace with organised make-up holders will save you a whole lot of stress and hassle each morning. Have your staple items easily accessible and in order, to make finding products a breeze.
  1. Stock up on multi-purpose products. There are lots of products on the market that can eliminate the use of five different products for each area of your face. A good BB or CC cream can do the work of a primer, concealer, foundation and sunscreen, all in one easy application. The same goes for tinted lip balm or lip gloss, which can do the work of a lip liner and lipstick, without the need for extreme precision. They are often also far less expensive than individual products, and serve a bunch of different purposes.
  1. Go permanent. If you can’t leave the house without some sort of eye makeup, consider investing in eyelash extensions and eyebrow tinting. While they tend to be more expensive than off-the-shelf cosmetics, they can last for weeks, and require no daily maintenance.
  1. Use your brushes! There’s never a reason not to use brushes when applying your makeup. They are the perfect tool for even application, and blend your powders in a way that no other tool can. Not only will they save you from applying too much and blending mishaps, but also a significant amount of time.
  2. Shower the night before. Showering at night will shave a heap of time off your morning beauty regimen. You don’t have to worry about drying and styling your hair before work, because you can do any styling the night before, or hair can air dry overnight.
  3. Add a splash of colour. For days that you don’t have the time to apply a full face, but still want to look like you put in some effort, consider wearing a bold lip colour. It’s the quickest and easiest way you can achieve a strong made up look, without having to touch up the rest of your face at some point throughout the day.