Is Cruelty-Free the Future for the Beauty Industry?

Testing on animals is so last century.

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Cruelty-Free Future

Testing on animals is so last century.

Now we know better and there’s no excuse for animal cruelty.

No excuse for turning a blind eye, or saying maybe this one last time, or even for consoling ourselves with the, “I can’t find anything else that makes my skin look this great” statement.

Animal cruelty is a big no-no nowadays and though you may be tempted to ignore the worldwide rampage against it (though we don’t believe you are!), chances are you’re going to be shamed for encouraging it.

There’s nothing to fear though. There is clear evidence that now guarantees that the only people animal testing benefits are big, unscrupulous businesses and who really wants to give them a helping hand anyway? Not us, right!

So without much further ado, let’s delve into this whole movement (or frenzy) for Cruelty-Free Products.

Are Cruelty-Free Products Up to Scruff?

Short answer: Absolutely!

There are a plethora of Personal Care ranges that don’t just encourage the use of cruelty-free ingredients in their ranges; their entire business philosophies run on it.

Though large multinationals may find it difficult to be resistant to banning animal testing completely due to outdated and tried & tested business processes, smaller counterparts have a much easier time in steering clear from including anything that even remotely suggests animal testing in their processes and ingredients.

Many of these smaller fish, so to speak, have actually been created to encourage getting closer to nature.

There are many corporations out there today that provide wonderful (and often better) alternatives to personal care solutions than companies that promote animal testing. This is because they are often better aligned and suited to human needs. It also often confers that there is a higher standard of quality care as these companies are meticulous in ensuring that what’s on the label is adhered to. They also have limited finances which means that they’re afraid of conducting criminal activities as their legal know how is drastically diminished when compared to larger multinationals. All in all, this means many smaller companies like ours play by the “it’s better to be safe rather than sorry” philosophy which is good news for everyone.

Cruelty-free is the Future

Cruelty-free products aren’t just a fad – like automobiles, fashion, and nine inch heels, they’re here to stay.

And if you’re not on board, chances are you’re going to be shipped off in the very near future. The simple fact is that the cruelty-free concept is one that is fast gaining popularity and those who are sceptical (or simply don’t play well with change) are soon going to have no other alternative but to (perhaps in some cases, begrudgingly) accept and furthermore, adopt the future.

There have been substantial international accomplishments against animal testing recently which is a sign that those who are passionate about cruelty free products are committed and disciplined when it comes to making their voice heard and listened to. Though we still have a long way to go, I do believe that animal testing will soon be little more than a horrific thing of the past.

If You Still Need More Proof

Though we suspect you don’t, here’s a wonderful quick pictorial list from PETA on why animal testing is truly bizarre.

Animal testing is wrong – full stop. It feels wrong; it looks wrong. Most of all, you feel crap (for lack of a better term) supporting those who purport that animal testing is a mandatory requirement when it clearly isn’t.

There is no excuse for partaking in the soul-wrenching act of testing something we’re not sure works on animals before we use it on ourselves.

If the animal kingdom were to swap with us today, I think we would be hard pressed to find a human being that would suggest that they would be okay with human testing products before animals used it upon themselves.

Knowing this, I would like to take this opportunity to be presumptuous and assume that no one reading this article right now truly believes that animal testing is okay.

Equipped with this knowledge and the countless scientific evidence (some of which has been linked to in this post), we think it’s a safe bet to claim Cruelty-free products aren’t a nice to have anymore, they’re the future and should definitely be all of our presents.