Christian Louboutin Expands Heels Collection for All People

Christian Louboutin expanded its nudes collection to cater to all women with different skintones. Some may call it a marketing ploy, but you can't deny it is a smart one.

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Louboutin [image source:]

I think this should have happened long ago.

Makeup commericals have been hyping on about a product’s color-matching abilities. I mean, even barbies come in a variety of skin tones. Fashion designers have been ignoring the fact that ‘nude’, an adjective for skin, comes in many colors.

As we all know, nude shoes were invented to visually elongate one’s leg, making the legs looking longer than they are.

But Seriously, Whose Nude?

Most of the nude shoes are either beige or pale peach. This is a problem for women on the chestnut side. Research has shown that 22 percent of U.S. women identify as non-white or as non ‘pale peach’.

Christian Louboutin nudes collection launched in 2013. It is now being expanded to an even larger collection, catering to a wider rang of skin tones. Louboutin said that he is trying to make it a little easier on people who want to wear shoes to match their skin color. Additonally, also introducing a brand new style, Solasofia – a ballet pump with a pointed toe.

“The expansive collection ensures that every woman can find a nude perfectly suited to her complexion,” a spokesperson for the brand announced.

The release of the Louboutin collection is also leading to a broader discussion of race and the fashion industry. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has claimed that a lot of designers’ runways lack diverse models.

Christian Louboutin is basically making a statement that this is dedicated to you. They want you to feel that this is customized for you, and you take the ownership of the shoe.

Some may call it a marketing ploy, but you can’t deny it is a smart one.

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