The New and Improved Beanbag: the Airsack!

Love the comfort of beanbags but hate the tedious upkeep of them? Try the new innovation in furniture: airsack. The foam filled alternative.

AirSack Original
AirSack Original

We’re all familiar with the old fashioned bean bag; the first choice for ultimate relaxation. But when was the last time the famous beanbag got a makeover? With the hassle and mess of a regular beanbag, isn’t it time someone took the initiative to give this lounge furniture a much needed update?

It’s time to toss out the overused beanbags of the last decade, and start embracing the latest lounge innovation: the airsack.

If you can imagine what it would be like falling onto a cloud, then you can imagine the experience of using an airsack. The airsack takes the beans out the beanbag and turns your lounging experience into a worry free, mess free indulgence. The sack is made from a light foam that never deflates, never bursts and never pops, so you’re finally free to leap onto these perfectly plucked-from- the-sky clouds, and feel the plush interior gently surround you.

No more refills, no more messing around with annoying beans scattering the house, and, with superior materials and two double-stitched layers covering that squishy, foamy goodness, this piece of furniture is guaranteed to last you.

100% Australian owned, airsack is new to the scene, but is causing a huge stir as the best new alternative furniture product for families, solo sitters and the chilled workplace.

Thinking of hosting a movie night with your friends? Got yourself and your guests a smorgasbord of snacks and drinks and an array of movies lined up to watch? The only thing left to plan is your seating. So why not give your guests the best seat in the house with a giant cushy pillow? Plush as the softest mattress, as sturdy as a couch, and more fun than any regular old bean bag could give you.

And the airsack isn’t just for your chill-out days at home. Why not incorporate them into the workplace? The airsack comes in a range of bright, fun colours, but it also comes in simple, more ‘corporate’ colours too. If you’re thinking of giving your business a little more of a casual edge, forget pillows and couches, give your employers the comfort of a big ol’ sack of cosy foam.

Anyone can enjoy the wonder of the airsack, and everyone will! The guys at airsack guarantee your first experience with one will never be forgotten, and will leaving you smiling like the inner child you are. Just ask all the already beaming airsack customers!

AirSack Display,, crowd ink, crowdink
AirSack Display

From the original classic airsack, to the solo airsack and airsack for kidz, there’s a special airsack out there to perfectly suit your needs. You might be spending more than the traditional beanbag, but the quality and long lasting guarantee means you’re saving money for the future.

And they could even be a great alternative to all that other traditional furniture! Got an old arm chair or couch read to be chucked out? Why not replace it with an airsack lounge, or airsack+1? Your lounge room is bound to stand out from the rest with these cushy “couches”.

So why not try it yourself? Grab one while you can, Australia, and change how you chill, forever!

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