Mount Langi Ghiran is Shaking up Australian Shiraz

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Mount Langi History Heritage Shiraz,, crowd ink, crowdink
Mount Langi History Heritage Shiraz

Hidden between the breathtaking peaks of Mount Cole and Mount Langi Ghiran lies one of the most idyllic vineyards featuring a famous Australian Shiraz.

Considered a cult classic, Mount Langi Ghiran Shiraz is distinctively peppery and has mesmerised many with its dazzling array of spice aromas and flavours.

As so commonly is the tale of success, what we now know as the iconic Langi Shiraz, began with humble beginnings.

Back in 1963, an Italian family arrived in Australia with the dreams of bringing a bit of their home country with them, and with that planted the first vines on Mount Langi Ghiran.

Now, after half a century, those first few seeds of hope planted by the original Fratin family, has flourished into a world famous winery appearing on the cover of Wine Spectator and ‘truly setting the benchmark for Australian cool-climate Shiraz.’

Everything about Mount Langi Shiraz stands apart from the rest; one might venture to say unique is their middle name.

Both Mount Langi and Cole stand as protectors over the grapes beneath, casting a cool shadow that causes the cold air to ‘tumble down the mountains and flow through the valley at night.’

This cold mountain effect along with the unusual soil, allows for a slow berry ripening which promotes the development of intense and complex fruit flavoursdevelops into a intense fruit flavor.

Langi Shiraz is one of the last Shiraz vineyards to be picked each year in Australia, and as it’s said, they save the best for last.

Always know as a consistent crowd favorite, in 2014, Langi moved towards a transition and Ben Haines, came on board.

Mount Langi Australian Shiraz,, crowd ink, crowdink
Mount Langi Australian Shiraz

Having spent an entire career working with Shiraz, Haine’s expertise made him the perfect fit to elevate Langi from beloved to bold.

With a passion for experimentation, Haines and the Langi team explored different areas of the estate to utilize grape varieties that had laid underappreciated over the years.

To understand the flavors further, the team discovered a true sense of the vineyards and worked to express as much of the land as they could into each new wine. With 10 different parcels, each one had a different wine-making approach and there were upwards of 20 different ferments for each unique bloc – all before blending everything.

What was born was a new spin on the ‘Old Bloc’ Shiraz, that spoke to the heart of Langi Vineyards.

Australian wines have always been favored for their rich and bold flavors, and while Langi certainly carries on this Aussie tradition, they separate themselves from the rest with elegance and nuance.

Without the need to try to be French or European, Langi Vineyards has created a flavor that is true to their identity of taste; moreover, while the trend of the moment in Australian wines seems to be taking a step towards the lighter side, Langi has always embraced the more refined style.

Langi strives to make wines that excite and challenge the palate. They cater to wine drinkers from all ends of the spectrum, for sommelier to those taking a sip for the first time, but their goal is always the same.

Like music or art, Langi wine doesn’t need to you understand it, but rather, to simply ask oneself if you like it, if it intrigues you, if it’s it’s unexpected, the rest, they say, can come later.

With a January 12th release of their 2014 Mast Shiraz, it will be an excellent time for loyal and new customers to get their hands on this special wine and ask themselves those very questions.

An ode to a previous owner, their newest Shiraz follows the mindset much of the team has which is, would this have made him proud?

A visit in the future to their vineyard, will answer just that question, and we bet the answer is yes!

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Looking at the Mount Langi Ghiran vineyard today it is hard to believe that it started out as a scrub block with a scattering of tin sheds. In 1963 an Italian immigrant family, the Fratins, had dreams of creating a little piece of Veneto here in Australia. They worked hard at clearing the land to make way for their vines and chestnuts. Finally, Don, Lino and Serge Fratin replanted the first vines on Mount Langi Ghiran and in doing so, created the iconic “Langi” Old Block Shiraz.