Why Australia Is Loving Adele

The drama that has unfolded since the arrival of the British superstar has been enormous.

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Adele (source: Cargo)

If you haven’t been paying attention or perhaps are living under the rock next to Patrick Star’s, then perhaps you haven’t heard that Adele is currently in Australia and has just finished off her final Australian show in Melbourne.

The drama that has unfolded since the arrival of the British superstar has been enormous; from allergic reactions caused by balloons, to surprise impromptu marriage proposals, and just general weeping from the emotional spectacle that is witnessing Adele live in concert; it has been a wild ride. However, it remains clear that Australia is truly in love with Adele, and would absolutely welcome the singer back anytime. Really anytime at all is fine with us. Any. Time. Anytime.

So why does Australia love Adele? I think it probably has something to do with the fact that she treated us mean and kept us keen. Album after glorious album she kept us off the tour list- until now her first Australian tour, and boy were we grateful, scooping up tickets to her concert like lollies out of a piñata.

After years of Aussie fans channelling their love for Adele into buying her CDs, reading her tweets and watching her concert DVDs and the multitude of Grammy acceptance speeches, the British singer finally touched down in Australia. Ticket sites crashed as they were flocked and meticulously looted as fast acting Adele-starved fans sort to get their virtual hands on a ticket, and if they were extremely lucky, they did.

The concerts have been described as a highly emotional experience for which the packed out stadiums across the country are grateful to have witnessed. Although many of us unlucky folk did not get a ticket, I believe that in spirit we were also there, belting out “Hello” out of key and at the top of out lungs, and I’m sure we as a collective we will all be sad to see her leave.