Allen’s Lollies Let the Audience Vote on Their New Sweet Release

Ginger cats, lolly teeth and chocolate creams. One of these will be hitting shelves, and it’s your choice which.

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Allen's Lollies

After the culling of a couple of consumer’s favourite sweets, Allen’s has revealed another tweak in the beloved company, releasing three new flavours that are in the works.

The famous confectioner sparked controversy when they made the decision to cut out a handful of ranges that customers had indulged in for years. Green frogs and spearmint leaves were the two to get the cut recently, with many outraged over the decision.

Further changes were made last year, when Allen’s fans voted to have the famous Peaches and Cream lolly be sold in its own individual pack. The solo pack was so popular that it was announced to be released as a permanent addition.

This year, Allen’s are giving customers another chance to vote on the future of Allen’s, with the opportunity to choose what new sweet treat should be added to the company’s collection. While new flavours of lollies are always exciting, for many, the new releases are less than desirable.

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Allen’s Lollies New Flavours (source: Courier Mail)

The three that are on the chopping board this year are: a chocolate and cream sweet similar to the look of the strawberry and cream ones: a ginger cat, replicating the popular black cat: and the funny teeth, a take on the traditional Allen’s teeth, but revamped with flavours including pineapple-mint and apple-mint.

All three are altered versions of crowd favourites, but will they satisfy the sweet tooth of Australia, or will they leave customers disappointed?

Allen’s fans can now vote on Nestle for which of the three flavours they prefer, and only one will be released to shop shelves.

What do you think of the new Allen’s flavours?