8 Hellish Tweets Brought to You by #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet

Half-naked women show their support for Trump on Twitter because #feminism.

Trump Girls Feature [image source: Twitter], crowdink, crowd ink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Trump Girls Feature [image source: Twitter]

I give you a collection of 8 photos I would like to submit as compelling evidence that the world is ending:

1. Republican Barbie is quite the overachiever with not just one – but a slideshow of Trump-tastic photos. I’m really crossing my fingers her Baywatch shots were on an American beach though. Mexican beaches are filled with drug-dealing fish and rapist seagulls. No more spring break in Cabo missy, it’s for your safety!

2. This girl really showed liberals who’s boss. Does she even realize how many tree-hugging and money-burning parties she shut down? They all had to be postponed as liberals sat around in circles scrolling through Twitter crying.

3. With her lack of blonde hair or blue eyes, let’s just hope for her sake Trump doesn’t start racially profiling based on looks. Oh wait…

4. We can forgive these two, they’re clearly suffering from hypothermia-related brain trauma.

5. Nothing says “doing your part” to make this world a better place than posting semi-nude pictures of yourself on the internet! I’m sure your contribution to society will not go overlooked. Keep fighting the good fight!

6. Actually, I don’t hate the player or the game. I hate the girls posing in bikinis supporting a candidate who doesn’t think girls should do anything more than pose in bikinis. Ya know?

7. You don’t actually want them to climb your wall, sir. That would make them immigrants. And immigrants are bad. They’re even worse than your tweet or this hashtag – the horror!

8. Oh my god. She has an alien on her shirt. Is it an illegal alien?! Does it have papers?! We need to question her!