The Best Mediterranean Restaurant in Brisbane

Bistro Alegria: Mediterranean food at its finest.

Bistro Alegria (Image Source: Bistro Alegria Facebook Page),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Bistro Alegria (Image Source: Bistro Alegria Facebook Page)

With around one third of Queensland’s population either born overseas or having at least one parent born overseas, diversity touches every part of our state, no matter where we live. Although our Mediterranean population isn’t all that large, the Mediterranean migrants and specifically their cuisine have touched our local food scene in a very delicious way.

Whilst I could give you a long list of restaurants, there are four great restaurants I recommend you try for Mediterranean food in Brisbane.

A great restaurant for me has more than great food; it has great service, friendly personnel, uses fresh and seasonal ingredients, and has a great drinks list. With this in mind, Bistro Alegria ticks all the boxes for me, and is the first restaurant on my list to take guests to for a Mediterranean tour. On top of all this, it has a very cosy and intimate atmosphere − perfect for a romantic dinner!

Alegria’s menu stays true to the traditional flavours and taste sensations of rustic Mediterranean cooking. They provide an elegant fusion, featuring the rustic influence of Spanish, Greek, Italian, and French culture.

They have seasonal menus, but there are a number of signature items that remain, including:

  • Paella,
  • Arancini balls,
  • Jamon Iberico, and
  • House-made Sourdough bread

Personally, I love their arancini balls. In their current menu, Alegria are dishing them up with a pea and truffle filling. Trust me, they’re delicious!

Head Chef, Nobilio Lorenzo’s personal policy is “Don’t follow what’s in vogue, set your own fashion, make a statement!” and “Every dish is a self-portrait of its creator; Autograph your work with excellence!” This is evident in his cooking, and makes the ever-changing seasonal menu exciting to come back and try again and again. I love that even when their menu changes, it remains inventive without being too unusual.

Restaurant Manager, Zsolt and his team always maintain a European attitude to service where food is meant to be enjoyed, not rushed. It is great to enjoy numerous dishes and be able to finish them without hurrying to get through it as the next dish arrives.

I’m also not the only one who believes this is a great Mediterranean restaurant. Since its opening just a few years back, Bistro Alegria has won numerous awards including Top 10 Restaurants in Brisbane from Experience Oz + NZ, Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and Best Tapas Restaurant in Australia from the Savour Australia National Awards, amongst many others.

Although Bistro Alegria is my favourite Mediterranean restaurant in Brisbane, I also recommend you to try Vine Restaurant, Byblos, and Little Greek Taverna.