Food Trends of 2015


Food fashion has peaked at heightened levels of gustatory satisfaction this year, with 2015 playing host to a myriad of food crazes, sending foodies into giddy hazes of taste induced excitement. If you have a sweet tooth, this list is definitely one written just for you.

  1. Bagels
    Although some don’t concur when I insist a bagel is the best $6.00 spent at lunchtime, likening the round portion of doughy goodness to consuming a toasted piece of stale bread; the bagel is undoubtedly a favourite food trend for 2015. The array of flavourings and fillings available to choose from, ensure the bagel is a versatile food source, ideal for either a brunch fix or lunch time snack. If you are anything like me, a blueberry bagel smothered in lashings of cream cheese is the sole way to satisfy that persistent bagel craving.
  2. Scrolls
    Scrolls are another superb 2015 food highlight. For the slightly less adventurous among us even a traditional cinnamon flavoured scroll is journey wrought with taste sensations. Layers of sweet bread and a thick layer of cinnamon, dusted with icing sugar. For those a little more adventurous, cookies and cream or mocha is a flavour favourite you should definitely try if you haven’t. Followed with a cappuccino or piccolo latte, the scroll is a definite mid morning or afternoon snack perfection.
  3. Anything Salted Caramel
    Gelato. Cronuts. Scrolls. Slices. Milkshakes. Cakes. A block of chocolate. Anything flavoured salted caramel is bound to be phenomenal. The caramel is sweet, while the salt punctuates each mouthful with a welcome savoury twang foodies have become accustomed to crave. No longer will we settle for sickly caramel syrup to flavour milkshakes or pastries. Salted caramel is a taste we are bound to continue to savour long after the months of 2015 are up.
  4. ‘Fancy’ Milkshakes
    The time when a milkshake was chocolate, strawberry or vanilla and served in the good ol’ fashioned can is an era historians can safely classify as ancient history. The year 2015 has conditioned us to expect nothing short of an edible work of art served within the confines of a jam jar, complete with Tim Tams, miniature waffle cones, Oreos, assorted lollies or a in some cases, a doughnut or scroll. The abundance of flavours complete with elaborate description of garnishes has made deciding what flavour to order an hour-long ordeal so difficult we almost wish it was as simple as chocolate or vanilla.Most inner city cafes are jumping on this ‘spruced up’ milkshake bandwagon and formulating their own unique milkshake concoctions. They might be a little pricier, but for us foodies they are definitely worth every penny.
  5. The Cronut
    Cronuts made their debut onto the food scene during 2014 and have definitely made a lasting impact. At the culmination of 2015 cronut is still the word on everyone’s lips. Literally.After all, who wouldn’t love a parcel of pastry laden goodness? And even better when it is drowned in peanut butter or chocolate, or even better still, both. This is a food trend that is definitely sticking around for 2016. Maybe the diet will start tomorrow…
    Anything Nutella. Nutella scroll. Nutella milkshake. Nutella cronut. Nutella bagel?! Nutella is guaranteed to induce food frenzy. Read the word Nutella on a menu. Decision made. Easy.

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