You’ve Kept Us Waiting: Frank Ocean’s New Album About to Drop

There is no artist who has made us wait for new music more than Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean [image source:], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Frank Ocean [image source:]

Two years after his hit 2012 album, Channel Orange came out, Ocean announced via Tumblr that his follow-up record was on the way. If I am not wrong, we are currently in the year 2016. It’s two years later, Mr. Ocean. We’ve been waiting.

Rumors have been circulating that Boys Don’t Cry, the supposed title of his second record, was about to drop since Ocean appeared on James Blake and Kanye West’s new albums, as well as since starring in a Calvin Klein campaign.

Frank Ocean for Calvin Klein [image source:], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Frank Ocean for Calvin Klein [image source:]
Fans became even more hopeful in early July, when Ocean posted a photo of a “date due” card with several scratched-out dates on his website This was an allusion to his many delays – with a final stamp that read July 2016. Then July came and went and fans again grew impatient.

Early this morning, Ocean’s website was updated with a live stream hosted by Apple Music, which featured Ocean tinkering around in a woodworking shop. The mysterious video didn’t give away much except for some brief clips of ambient music; it’s not clear if they were snippets from Boys Don’t Cry.

Frank Ocean made music more progressive through his elegance and honesty. He is an obvious talent. Channel Orange’s 2012 release made him a star.

The album was so huge that it was universally recognized as one of the best of the year by critics and was nominated for six Grammy awards.

Frank Ocean has kept the music so deeply hidden, even Adele can’t take it anymore. She told Rolling Stone in November 2015, “I’m just f***ing waiting for Frank f***ing Ocean to come out with his album, it’s taking so f***ing long.”

Well Adele, our thoughts exactly!

Apple Music is releasing Frank Ocean’s new album this Friday.

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