Why is HBO F**king With Our Emotions!?

Game of Thrones Season 6 Promo Poster
Game of Thrones Season 6 Promo Poster

HBO released the Game of Thrones Season 6 promo poster today and it is none other than a photo of a bloodied Jon Snow. What are you trying to tell us HBO?!

The season 5 finale of the award-winning show ended with little Olly tricking Snow, who is (was?) Lord Commander of the Night’s watch, into a coup that ended with him being stabbed multiple times.

The last scene is of Jon Snow in a pile of his own blood and every single GOT fan sobbing and/or screaming at the television. Why George R.R. Martin?! Why would you do this to us?

After this tragic scene, everyone and their mother had a different theory as to what is going to happen in season 6, with many believing that there was no way in hell that Snow could be dead. He was the only hope for the Seven Kingdoms.

HBO then informed us that Snow was, in fact, dead, trying to play us as fools. Even the “true fans” (read: those who read the books) couldn’t comprehend what happened because the show is now ahead of the books and they can only rely on clues from the books.

Since June, multiple conspiracy theories have popped up to explain the death/not death of Jon Snow, each bringing us closer and closer to the disbelief that HBO and Game of Thrones would kill its most beloved character.

One of the biggest giveaways was that Kit Harrington didn’t cut off his hair after the series ended, which in GOT-land is a dead giveaway for they decide to kill off actors.

None of us fans know where the show is going. Maybe he’s not dead? Maybe HBO is majorly f**king with us? Who knows but can it be April already?