Sisters for $ale

A life-saving documentary, 6 years in the making

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Sisters For Sale

It was 2011 when Film Maker Ben Randall began recording the documentary Sisters for Sale. Randall had just returned to Australia after teaching abroad in Northern Vietnam, when he received the devastating news that urged him into action. Two of his close friends, 16-year-olds May and Pang, had disappeared in separate instances. He soon found that May and Pang were two girls out of hundreds in their town alone, that became victims of human trafficking each year. Girls are snatched from the street and smuggled over the nearby Chinese border to be sold as wives and prostitutes in the predominantly male country. Human trafficking is one of the largest criminal industries on earth and Randall is using his talent to quite literally bring the problem into world view.

Propelled by loyalty, Randall recorded every step of his dangerous journey toward finding his friends, determined to highlight the nuance complexities of his fight against a horrendous global problem. It was not until 2013 that Randall had finally gathered the funds, equipment and connections to return to Vietnam and follow the few clues that he had painstakingly uncovered.

Randall worked tirelessly with the help of countless organisations, hardworking friends and a crowd of compassionate strangers that followed the steady stream of updates on his blog. With their help, over the next eighteen months Randall founded The Human, Earth Project, an organisation created to raise awareness of the global human trafficking crisis, and began a secondary mission named ‘Epic’, all while searching for May and Pang. Randall collected countless stories, gave hope, courage and a voice to victims and even aided in the arrest of multiple human traffickers.

Finally, in May 2014, Randall was reunited with Pang then, shortly after, May. He had set out with the near impossible goal of finding two girls in one of the most densely populated countries on earth by recording and undermining an extremely dangerous criminal organisation. Not only did Randall find his friends, but along the way he raised hope, awareness and funding for the many people affected by human trafficking and he recorded it all. Right now, Randall is making the final edits on Sisters for Sale. The documentary detailing Randall’s extraordinary search for May and Pang, is due to be released at film festivals around the world in September 2017 with a 10 episode podcast around the series soon to follow.

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