Why We All Need to Read Vogue’s 2020 September Issue Right Now

Vogue presents us a careful curation of hope and optimism

Vogue Australia's September 2020 Hope
Vogue Australia's September 2020 Hope

Vogue Australia’s September 2020 issue focuses on the much-needed theme of “Hope”. The Vogue family have united globally, publishing and translating this special edition of ‘Hope’ across 26 countries.  In a time where our lives have experienced the utterly unexpected, bringing death and disruption, Vogue articulates with precision what we have all been searching for comfort, security, strength and yes – hope.

I woke up this morning restless about the news of Melbourne’s extended lockdown over the weekend. Anxious about the future, like everyone else, I have been longing for some form of a return to normality. With my coveted arrival of the September 2020 Vogue issue this morning, it felt like fate as the reflective words of ‘longs for a recovered future’-seemed to mirror my own thoughts and mood. Vogue Australia.

Vogue have described their collective goal for this issue ‘to celebrate positive voices around the world who are pushing for change’ in extension to the context of what has been a tumultuous year for us all. Using its distinctive voice, the publication has presented a feature that allows its readers to imagine a brighter gaze into the future. The edition includes insightful readings of essays on diversity, inclusion, the climate crisis, LGBTQ+ rights, reminding us of more pressing issues that we can again turn our attention to after this pandemic is over.  With its usual panache, Vogue has curated the voices and work of celebrated photographers, designers, celebrities and activists who offer thought-provoking insights, allowing us to stay connected and informed even in this pandemic.

“the submissions are diverse, poignant and powerful and capture the push for real and lasting change” – Vogue Ararbia


This issue provides a united front that celebrates voices we have missed hearing from, inviting us to consider other provoking facets of the world in which we live. Quite rightly, Vogue has utilised its pre-eminence within the fashion and editorial industry to become a source of inspiration, inclusivity and strength that we have been longing to return to.  This globally united ‘Hope’ edition promotes the belief that ultimately – yes – not all hope is lost; that we as readers and active members of our community can still create meaningful and impactful change; that the solutions to these issues, that we so inherently care about, are not unbelievably out of our reach.

Vogue Australia, in particular, has created a diverse and inclusive issue, creating a standout front cover. A collaboration with the National Gallery of Australia saw to the commission of Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara artist and spiritual healer, Betty Muffler, to create a piece for the cover that communicates her own personal experience of finding hope through hardship and the building of resilience. Her story, both, powerful and moving, is one that will instil resilience in all readers and is just another reason to read this special issue of Vogue Australia.

A sense of optimism in what is no longer a ‘moment’ of crisis is what we are all searching for right now. The Vogue September issue provides an inspiring collection of meaningful works that will promote self-reflection, empathy, compassion and above all – HOPE.

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