Netflix has taken away the drama (see what I did there) of movie night. Remember fancy dress? Remember popcorn? Remember other people laughing with you?

Movie Night (Image Source: Tro Canada)
Movie Night (Image Source: Tro Canada)

Welcome to Bring Back Movie Night 2015. We are all about the post-work Netflix binge. But if it’s going to happen, do it in style. Make it an event. Doll it up and let it enfold you.

The People

Create a guestlist. If it’s just you and the significant other, cat, and/or pet turtle, fabulous. However, if you’ve got a few hours or a day or two, send out the mass text. Whether you’re planning a single movie or a season-long marathon, make it an interactive event. Watching films with others really does take the viewing experience to the next level.

The Ambience

Get out of the bedroom. To really up the luxury factor, hang a sheet on an open wall in a living area and splurge on a pocket projector. Next, look at your lighting and pillows. Fairy lights and candles are glamorous accent pieces, but it’s movie night! Close the shades and get as close to the movie theatre vibe as possible. You can’t have enough pillows. Pillows on the floor, on couches, in a fort. Get creative.

The Food

Popcorn, but better. Garlic and parmesan salt, caprese flavor, cinnamon caramel sugar. Put out a tray with small bowls or dressed up paper bags and let your guests (whoever they may be) dress up their own movie snacks. Try something different with drinks, too. Make a big batch cocktail or mocktail bowl, we recommend sangria or mojito, so that guests don’t have to run back and forth to the kitchen.

The Dress Code

And the ultimate tone-setter for any movie night is attire. Go nuts. There are really two routes here: fancy dress and pajama party. Both luxurious options, both a bit silly, and both guaranteed to put guests in the perfect mindset for a night of invigorating conversation about the most topical of indie arts films (or the last few episodes of The Walking Dead). Whatever your viewing choices, a bit of planning goes a long way. Happy Streaming!

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