Anne Edmonds on the Edge

The rising star’s new show for the ABC, ‘The Edge of the Bush’, to preview at ACMI in July.

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Anne Edmonds

After consecutive Barry award nominations, Anne Edmonds is set to preview her new show, ‘The Edge of the Bush’, at ACMI on the 23rd of July. The series, directed by Kate McCartney (of the Katering show), explores the estranged familial relationships of a former calisthenics dynasty after a viral video brings up some of their dirty laundry.

This subject matter represents a next step in the voice Edmonds has been honing since the start of her career. Edmonds first made her mark back in 2008 with the release of the viral video ‘Raylene the Racist’. In 2016 she, alongside Greg Larsen and Damien Power, created the facebook group of the True Australian Patriots, a spoof of the far-right patriot groups and their short sighted logic and racist ideas. ‘The Edge of the Bush’ has both Larsen and Power returning as co-stars in the show.

The show and Edmonds comedy seems to be a return to a great tradition in Australian comedy, spanning from Barry Humphries to Kath and Kim, that looks at and critiques the daggier parts of Australia we sometimes try to hide.

The preview will also feature a Q&A and free tickets can be booked through the ACMI website here:

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