Zogg’s Just Launched 3 Amazing New Swimwear Products

Zogg’s just launched three amazing new swimwear products that are revolutionizing how we swim and have fun in the sun.

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Zoggs Fun Living

Zogg’s just launched three amazing new swimwear products that are revolutionizing how we swim and have fun in the sun. Check out the new goggles, swimwear fabric, and polarized swimming goggles below:

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Zoggs Predator Flex Titanium Reactor
  1. Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Swimming Goggles

Our Zoggs Predator Flex Titanium Reactor swimming goggles are our most advanced goggles to date. The photochromatic lenses react to changing light conditions and become tinted in bright conditions, yet remain clear in low level light.

The titanium lens means added protection from reflected light and glare from the water’s surface to reduce eye fatigue. The titanium lens also reduces glare and softens the visual experience when swimming indoors, so the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor can support you through any light conditions. The titanium lens has been incorporated into our unparalleled Predator Flex frame, for unrivalled comfort and fit, with the use of Flexpoint technology™ for enhanced frame flexibility and a customised fit.

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Aqualast Contour V Neck
  1. Aqualast Swimwear (Lifetime Guarantee)

Zoggs are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Aqualast swimwear, with a Lifetime Guarantee. Launched in in line with our Spring Summer 2014 collection, it will be available in ladies, men’s, and junior styles.

  • 100% Chlorine proof fabric for ultimate lasting performance with
  • Excellent support and comfort.
  • Exceptional colour and shape retention
  • Quick Drying
  • UPF 50+

We are so confident in the quality, durability and reliability of this Zoggs Aqualast suit that we will have no hesitation in offering a replacement garment, at our discretion if the suit wears out in any way. (Excluding damage caused by improper or unreasonable use.)

Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra, crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra
  1. Predator Flex Polarized Ultra

Utilising the highly popular Predator Flex frame with 4 Flexpoint technology™ these goggles feature superior Italian-made copper polarized lenses designed exclusively for Zoggs.

The copper polarized lenses repel blue light and are ideal for high level light – especially in direct sunshine, reducing glare and reflections of the sun. At the same time they amplify light in darker or overcast conditions providing a superior balanced visual experience allowing the same pair of goggles to be used whatever the conditions, in outdoor open water or indoor pool swimming.


  • One piece goggle with Ultra polarized copper lenses designed and manufactured in Italy, exclusively for Zoggs.
  • Ultra polarized copper lenses to reduce glare as well as amplify light in darker conditions.
  • 99% UV distortion free absorption lenses.
  • Curved Lens Technology CLT™ offering 180 degrees peripheral vision.
  • Fogbuster™ Anti-Fog lenses offer consistent moisture control for real clarity of vision.
  • 4 Flexpoint Technology™ for enhanced frame flexibility and a super comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight unique bio-tech™ frame technology. A durable long lasting frame with soft silicone gaskets offering a super comfortable fit.
  • Easy adjust silicone strap for fantastic strength, comfort and durability

A women’s Predator Flex Polarized Ultra (below) is also available which contains all of the above features but is overall 7% smaller in size.