You’ll Never Guess Who Has The Biggest-Selling CD Of 2016

Hint: It’s an artist from the 1700s.

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Biggest Selling CD

Well, the results are in for the best-selling CD of 2016 and you’ll never be able to guess it.

Although artists like Drake, Kanye and Beyoncé spend millions in promoting new music albums, the artist that has the biggest-selling CD of 2016 doesn’t sing, tour or spend money on promoting his music at all.

Yes, you’ve heard me correctly.

Billboard has reported that this year ‘Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition’ has taken the music world by storm and sold over 1.25 million CDs (6,250 units) since its release only five weeks ago on October 28.

The CD is a boxed set of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s recordings with an unreal 200 compact discs containing every piece of work that the classical artist ever created.

The set’s total running time is a massive 240 hours, not including the many hours of additional content like reading bundles that have also been added as an extra. It features over 60 orchestras and the talents of 600 soloists showing the classical genius of the artist.

The number of sales has surpassed other artist’s albums beating Kanye’s ‘The Life of Pablo’, Drake’s ‘Views’ and Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ which were also released earlier this year.

And while critics are suggesting the popularity of the Mozart set is due to its novelty, it shines a light on the disappointing fact that CD sales in general are slowly decreasing as more music streaming programs become available to the public.

Regardless, many artists and labels continue to spend countless hours and money on perfecting and producing quality soundtracks each year, as the title of Best-Selling CD is well sought after and an honour to receive.

In 2014, it was Taylor Swift who took home the title for her album ‘1989’ narrowly beating out Disney’s ‘Frozen’ soundtrack. However one year later in 2015, Adele made a comeback with her album ‘25’ selling the most CDs and taking home the honour of the title.

While Mozart’s new boxed set collection didn’t have the publicity like some of the other albums released this year, Universal revealed it spent 18 months on the album curating and planning to ensure it was as authentic as possible.

The release of ‘Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition’ coincides with the 225th anniversary of the musician’s death, honouring the classical works of the composer.